Terms & Conditions:
All lines of business are eligible for contest except for *DIRECT BILL  Products.  PERSONAL LINES “is” INCLUDED.  Submissions must be for new business (renewals & re-writes do NOT qualify) and must be bound with an effective date between December 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. Prizes will be awarded based on the individual who submitted the application or the producer of record on the account if EPIS is notified at the time of submission of such  application. Only one prize will be awarded per account and all results will be tallied no later than 1/30/20 and dispensed by 02/15/20.  Accounts must be paid in full on or prior to the Tally 1/30/20 date in order to be eligible. *DIRECT BILL Products are not eligible.  

2 Free Office Lunch winners will be drawn in January.  Lunch value will be up to $12 per person.  All winners will be notified by email.   

All questions and concerns should be directed to marketing@epinsurance.com.